St Pier Group Saxon House

Group Profile

Established in 1946, the St. Pier Group was borne out of an earlier family company/joint venture arrangement which had been formed in 1930. Since its inception, the Group has enjoyed success by maintaining core dealing strategies and by identifying opportunities within the market.

Today, the Group's primary activity is property dealing and development in residential and commercial reversionary property in London and the south of the UK. The split by profit between dealing and development is about 80:20% respectively with unit values ranging from £15,000 to £10 million. Recently the Group has acquired 70 properties with a value of £12 million.

The Group has cash resources, is lowly geared and can make prompt decisions to purchase or sell, bringing certainty to the trading process.

Board of Directors:

Hugh St. Pier CEO appointed 1993

David Adams Non-Executive Chairman appointed 2008

David Adamson Non-Executive Director appointed 2009

Jonathan Mathias Non-Executive Director appointed 2013

Registered No. 6855586 England

Registered No. 423149 England

Registered No. 08311909 England